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    Bathroom Remodeling

    A well-formed bathroom is a must in any home. Highest quality of finishes, a gracious tub to soak in and lots of lighting can collaborate, turning your bathroom into one of your favorite rooms in your home.


    LA Top Builders personnel a team of professionals of highly trained renovation consultants who will make sure that you see and understand exactly what your renovation project outcome will look like from the beginning.

    We know that there is nothing worse than standing in a completed remodeled room & realizing something just isn’t as you envisioned.

    LA Top Builders will be with you every step of the way to deliver the bathroom of your dreams.


    Once measurements are taken, a layout using state of the art 3D Rendering software is prepared, bring your future bathroom to life before any expense is put out. Our 3D Design can include little, yet important, details such as vanity tops, backsplashes and tiles. Here we can revise and revisit the design as often as you like in order to make sure that your dream remodel come true.

    You like it, we source it
    Our beautiful & spacious showroom offers a large selection of bathroom products and accessories, from the traditional design to the most modern of styles. We can provide everything from taps, to cabinet handles, to beautifully carved solid wood cabinets. Our showroom has many options, but if you don’t connect with all we have to offer, we can source it for you. Ideas from magazines or even the web? We will make sure that you get exactly what you want.

    Budget Planning
    Budgeting – the hardest decisions needed to be made of remodeling. You need to stay within budget, although you may come across additional little detail that just “has to be added”. Or even worse, that detail gets added without your knowledge. There is nothing worse than your contractor hitting you with an unforeseen expense that throws you out of budget. At LA Top Builders we will identify your budget before the remodel begins and make sure that we stick to it. Since we are the contractors, as well as the suppliers, our engineers are in a unique position to include much more elaborate designs into your dream remodel at a much lower price than others.

    Choosing the right finishes
    We at LA Top Builders know that finishes can make or break a bathroom remodel. Let us guide you in choosing the best quality and design for your new project. Our experience over the years in the remodeling and renovations profession allows us to guide you in order to ensure that your bathroom gets the best finishing touches.

    All our Makeover Contractors are fully licensed and insured in Los Angeles county area by the California State Licensing Board. They undergo demanding training to ensure that the installation process of your project s completed with expertise. Our craftsmanship is as good as our project management. We love to problem solve, and all of our workmanship and products are backed by our warranty.

    By choosing LA Top Builders, the installation process is hassle free for all parties involved.