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    Outdoor Living

    At LA Top Builders, we can relate to families making memories in the outdoors. We are here to help transform the outdoors as an extension of your home that is comfortable, attractive, and safe environment for your family.
    From repairing worn out patios, to rebuilding a new yard, we can make your vision happen. We are also here to make sure that you are involved and engaged in building the yard of your dreams. Our easy two-step process to get started includes

    STEP 1: Select the Part(s) of the Outdoors that Need an Overhaul

    Patios – Whether you have a large garden or a compact yard, we can customize the perfect patio that is both beautiful and functional. We can also customize Decorative Patios and Patio Covers to boost your home’s resale value.
    Decks – We have various designs available such as Multi-Level Decks, Built-in Seats, and more using wood or quality composite materials.
    Pergolas – You can enjoy custom-made or ready-built freestanding or attached pergolas, which are still the more affordable and stylish alternatives to a full roof.
    Arbors – Complement the exterior of your home or enhance the beauty of your yard with garden arbors. We offer simple, yet elegant designs as well as the more ornate and intricate patterned ones. Arbors are also great as gateways or shelters for benches and swings.
    Screened Porches – Outdoor screens are one of the most functional and affordable pieces for your home. They protect your family from mosquitoes and at the same time block harmful sunlight, prevent pet damage, and resist mildew or moisture build up.
    Outdoor Kitchen – Having a place to cook and entertain guests outside opens a lot of possibilities! We can help you design the perfect built-in grills, fully functioning outdoor kitchen, or even bars using stone, brick, stucco, granite, concrete, and more.
    Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit – From construction of the chimney to making sure all safety regulations are met, we will make sure that your fireplace will be the center of attraction in your outdoor living space. We also customize fire pits, an affordable but still very functional alternative to a fireplace.

    STEP 2: Get a Quote from LA Top Builders

    Here at LA Top Builders, our goal is not to build patios or decks. We’re also not here for simple restoration projects. Our goal is to help families create memories outside. Enjoy those cookouts and family reunions, or sit back and relax with a good book in the extension of your home. All these are possible with our services. Call us today for a free and no obligations inspection and estimate. We are happy to provide you with clear and affordable remodeling solutions.